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Welcome to Arthur's Limericks

The home of five line verses written in Limerick style

Sadly, Arthur passed away on 14 June 2011 aged 87, just one month before his 88th birthday. He is missed by his sons and grandchildren.

He is remembered as a kind, generous, intelligent and good-humoured man, always willing to help others.

This site will remain as a tribute to the unassuming man that touched the lives of many

The original limericks, written by Edward Lear in 1846, were humorous and often ribald. They had a rhythm of 9 - 9 - 6 - 6 - 9 beats to the five lines of the verse. However, an Edward Lear I am not! The limericks on this site differ from the originals in that they don't always rigidly fit this 150 year old rhythm.

My verses also do not all pretend to be humorous as I have used my versions of Nursery Rhymes I heard as a child, ( and that was many many years ago), and current news items and present day events as subjects.

All I can say is "you never know what my devious mind will think of next", and in paraphrasing some famous words "I am sure that I cannot please all the people all the time".

The limericks on this site are but a small selection of the 7,000 - 8,000 verses I have written. Some are joined together to form short stories

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