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About Arthur

Arthur, the name behind these limericks, is a young-hearted octogenarian who has been "versifying" for about 13 years. He has written between 7,000 - 8,000 verses, some joined together to make short stories. The main difference between this collection and other collections that have appeared on the Internet is that all of the aforementioned thousands are written by one person and where possible are comparatively clean!

Born in Wales and resident in Ireland for many years before retiring to Israel in 1981, the urge to write verses started in 1991 when the first Gulf War sent us to "sealed rooms" to dodge scuds launched from Iraq. Although this period didn't last very long, the urge to write verses remains to this day and the most recent of these verses are dated as late as June 2004. This date will be updated frequently, (says he hopefully).

The limericks on this website are obviously a small selection of the thousands!!!

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